Off the Grid and Out of Luck

I have several writings in the works – all one fourth to half done.  They are pretty cool subjects, too.  But, school and work demands have derailed me for a moment or two.

One issue in particular has my goat.

Right now I am cursing the wind, well really the US Post Office.  They are holding my Creative Writing textbook hostage.  Delivery date is reported as today.  Is my textbook in my hot little hand, open and forthcoming of information for my homework that is due tomorrow? No.

It is languishing on the back dock of the main post office.

I am a proponent of letter writing.  I believe it is a lovely art and cherish the letters some of my family members have written over the years. There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing that envelope with my name on it and the excitement of wondering what it holds inside.

Now that being said, I can understand why we don’t do it anymore.  Outside of the psychological developments over the past 10 years or so concerning the widespread infection of instant gratification disorder, there is the frustration with dealing with an outdated system of logistics. I tend to forget that the Post Office is a Government Office.

In order to retrieve your packages, you have to have a yellow slip of paper.  On this yellow slip of paper is the same tracking number that I wrote down from the USPS very own tracking website that told me my package had arrived at 6am this very morning.  But I guess it didn’t count because my paper was green (the back of the notice that tells me my water is going to be off tomorrow morning for about 4 hours for maintenance work).

So until I can cough up an official, yellow piece of paper, the USPS is going to hold my textbook hostage. And I’m out of luck on my homework assignment.

I wonder how creative I can get with my Creative Writing excuse.



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