Cool as a Cuke

garden bountyI’m back in school for the summer. This time as a legitimate Anthropology major! The grand poohbahs of our illustrious higher institute of local learning finally gave way to to onslaught of well-prepared documentation offered up by some very determined professors and here we are.

I have three to four more anthro classes to take to finish out my degree (along with three other classes I sorta missed on my first go round in college), so I will be throughly immersed in research, interview and surveys for the next year. It sounds sarcastic when I write it out, but I really do love this stuff, and that brings me to my point and, as Ellen DeGeneres says, I do have one.

I am conducting a survey about food metaphors and similes. I’m trying to get a cross range of what the different types of food references people make in their specific cultures. Things like “cool as a cucumber” or “Her skin was like milk.” or “He has a pig on his head” (that one is apparently from Persian culture). I put the survey up on my FaceBook page, but the responses have been minimal and not exactly what I was hoping to receive – at least so far.

The best ones I have seen have come from people who were born out of the United States.That got me thinking. How could I expand my survey where it would reach more people outside of the States? Then it hit me – WordPress! It reaches so many people from so many cultures around the world, I just might stand a good chance of getting some really cool responses.

So, if you are so inclined and you would like to participate in my research paper, please feel free to take the survey. It’s entirely voluntary, completely anonymous and only for my university paper. If you do take it, please answer ALL the questions the best you can – I really do want to hear other cultures take on food! If you prefer not to take it, that’s okay too – I’ll see you in just a little with the weekly photo challenge! Thanks!