Art Snob

I am an art snob.

So what am I snobbish about?  Signatures.  Yep, signing of one’s name in a large and can’t helped to be noticed spot in an otherwise perfectly fine piece of work.

Being part of the Post a Week Photo Challenge has been fun.  I’ve seen some amazing photographic images and had the opportunity to exchange comments with people from all over the world.  The interpretations of the conceptual themes being thrown to us have been inventive, creative and exciting.  There is but one thing that grinds on me though.  Those dang signatures.

Signatures that distract from the beauty and design of the images.  There have been many photos I would loved to have “liked” or commented on, but held back because the creator had splattered their signature or logo so conspicuously that the whole of the work was compromised.

A photograph is a delicate thing even when it shows harsh subjects.  It’s a balancing act of light and emotion. There’s nothing like trying to sink into an image that portrays comfort and having your eye jarred by a contradiction of an inelegant copy write symbol.

I understand the want to make sure that intellectual property is protected.  There are thieves in every walk of life and with all the photoshop programs out there it really doesn’t matter.  They will take what they want.  It doesn’t matter that Olin Mills is stamped in every corner.

A wise professor and accomplished painter once told her students that we, as artists, have a decision to make. Do you want it to be about your art or your name?

Join me.  Become an art snob.  Let your work speak for itself.  It says volumes.