The Doggie in the Window

Feeling the empty nest left by Shit Dog and Elisheva, we have been searching the rescue centers to see if we can give another dog, as the shelter people put it, a forever home.  Looking at them on-line is not the same as touching and seeing how they interact, so this weekend we visited a couple of the weekly adoption fairs.

Bashert had a previous engagement today, so Yoda and I went to the tractor supply store to take a look around.  We were looking specifically for a small, adult dog, an apartment dog; one that wouldn’t swallow up the space in our little townhouse and one that would get along with the feline and human residents.  Not too tough of a list.

The selection for adult dogs was slim.  There were six puppies two of which were pretty aggressive.  They got into a nasty tiff right front of us that kind of stunned Yoda. Good thing we weren’t searching for a puppy.

Only two adult dogs fit close to the bill.  Sheila, a Jack Russell mix and Maxwell, a terrier mix. We have a few friends with Jack Russell dogs and they tend to be a bit too excitable (the dogs, not necessarily the parents).  I knew Bashert would not approve, so we moved to look at Maxwell.

Maxwell has a face that deserves a Disney career.  Beautiful light brown eyes, mottled brown and white, scruffy coat.  He was rescued from a high kill shelter one day before the execution date.  Ms. G, who operates the adoptions knows Bashert and knows we would give a good home to any animal (just don’t ask about the wild bird fiasco) loves Max very much, but like all who run such things, she just doesn’t have anymore room.

He was very calm, something necessary in the face of Yoda’s vibrating self.  He was larger than we wanted, but his personality and somewhat non-shedding coat were pluses.  He was nonplussed with the puppies and children milling around, so I caved.

Ms. G. had us signed up and we were walking out the door with Maxwell before I knew it.

I think I realized my mistake as soon as we entered the door at home.

When we got Elisheva, she claimed us right away.  She lived in the vet’s office and had been seen by several people before we came.  When she came around the corner, she peed on the floor and went nuts to see us.  The vet staff was embarrassed and said she had never acted like that before.  We belonged together.

Shit Dog fell in love with Elisheva first, us second, but was automatically part of the family as well.  We all fit together.

The magic isn’t there with Max.  Maybe it’s because he’s too big, maybe it’s because he’s too normal (we tend to attract the odd and neurotic), maybe it’s just too soon.  When pulling up a photo of him to show someone, I ran across one of Shit Dog and began to cry.

Max will spend the night with us, but tomorrow we will take him back to Ms. G.

Maxwell will make a wonderful companion for someone, just not us.  He is a sweet boy who deserves a big yard and a kid who will wrestle with him.  He deserves the magical fit and so do we.


  1. And I suppose as crazy and neurotic as they were, they fit with our family for 14 very special long years. I guess our hearts are still with them and if we are to get another one that dog will have to have something quirky and special to capture our hearts. As much as I know we can’t replace Elisheva and Doobie, I can see we are more drawn to those dogs who have those special eyes as they had. Just as we did with Bialy, we are trying too hard to make the circle fit inside the square. I do remember we wondered if Doobie was Bashert as we were “fighting” to get him. But, I had a strong sense it was and I wasn’t going to give up on getting him. And so as we wait for our Bashert dog, I will contiinue to miss Elisheva’s playful runs through the house with Doobie in toe. I will miss her barks that scared us every darn time. I will miss his sassy walk and cartoon foot. I will miss Doobie wanting us to help him get a cat off his bed. I will miss Elisheva so excited to see us even when we just went to the car to get something. I will miss Doobie’s high fives and covering his face with his paw when he was embarrassed. Elisheva’s poots while going upstairs and Doobie scarring himself to death when he pooted while wrapped in his blanket. And most of all I will miss Elisheva wanting to snuggle up to me giving me kisses whenever I was upset and Doobie’s sweet face and cute moan as I rubbed his ears. I know they couldn’t be with us forever but in my imaginary world I sure as hell had hoped they could have been. I am heartbroken they are gone. I hope in time we can rescue another special dog who could use a loving home like ours. It’s so hard and I feel bad that Maxwell is not for us. I’ve never returned a dog but I have to believe his Bashert family is waiting in the wings once we give him back.

  2. Oh, that is so sad and I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, funny how we tend to work on that “energy” and “feelings”. I am the same and I pick up on the reactions Simba have to certain things/people/animals as well. I am sure Maxwell will find the home that he needs. I think it was maybe too soon for you as well. Lovely post and photo. 🙂

  3. It is always hard to lose a fuzzy love. And finding a new one can be hard. We found a new fuzzy love right after we got married a few months ago, and she is so much like us and we couldn’t imagine another fuzzy in our life. Good luck in your search, gotta love the quirky pups 🙂

  4. I love that you seek you animals from shelters. The need is so great. I agree, that it is important to adopt an animals that adopts you as well, though. Once found, the bonds of love are forever strong. Good luck in your search. Blessing to you for your compassion.

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