He smelled so good…

It is said that people can identify about 10,000 different smells.

Maine smelled of memories.

His cologne filled the air with a sweetness of romance and comfort.

When he walked by, men who opened car doors and gave up their seats appeared.  Bear hugs surrounded you and lifted your spirit.  A blanket of warm cookies enveloped your soul.

Direct, gruff and kindhearted.  Smooth and full bodied – large of life his essence permeated the lives of all he touched whether blood, community or coworkers.

The scent of amiable sarcasm and dry wit followed in his wake.  An easy calm that could tease and chastise at once.

Honorable husband and father of three princesses, who danced on the cloud of Maine’s fragrant love, he showered them all with devotion singly and as a bouquet.

Family and friends gather tomorrow to send you on your way to whatever is next in your journey.  Savoring together, the memories of your life and inhaling that bond of love and friendship for one last time.

Pungent and delectable, your spirit will remain in our hearts and halls. Goodbye, Maine.

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