Randomness at 50

Simpler times

This is the year I turn 50.  My golden anniversary.

To celebrate, I want to do new things.  Joining the cyber nation of people publishing their unsolicited thoughts & opinions is one thing and here I am for better or worse.

For the most part I want this year to be about having fun. You know that feeling of happiness and fulfillment that lurks somewhere beneath all the stress of family, job & other categories of adulthood?

My partner read recently that the best watermelons get their sweetness from the manure they are fed.  My life is often overcome with the overwhelming stench of manure that piles up around different areas of my life.  This year, I want to find the sweetness underneath the manure, so I want to have fun with this blog and share all the silliness and trivia that can also be life.

Now listen, Pollyanna, I’m not – ask anyone who really knows me, but I do have a good sense of humor and its high time I use it again.

So post one is complete.  Its bare, but complete.  Let the good times roll.


  1. This blog is great. Very authentic and genuine like you. I love the fact on watermelon sweetness. Apparently the plant pulls out the rich and healthy nutrients it needs and leaves the rancid stench behind (no pun intended). Such is the way we should process all the manure thrown at us at every waking moment, huh?

  2. Congratulations! The hard part is behind you. The next hardest part will be keeping it updated. If you aim for whenever you have time, there will come a time that you won’t have time. I suggest you strive to post something on a schedule. I don’t always follow my own , but I can give good advice.

    SO good to reconnect with you outside Facebook, although that has been good, too and led me to meet your beautiful family.

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